Why Should My Company Use Labour Hire Agencies for Staffing?

26 September 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

As your company grows, so does the need for more employees and the time it takes to train those employees. You have to have someone who can handle the hiring, the training, and the transition the employee will go through throughout this process. Though this may seem like common knowledge, what is not common knowledge is that you can free up your time considerably and reap other benefits of the staffing process by simply using an agency. Here are a few reasons why your company should use Sydney labour hire for your staffing.

HR Time Constraints

When you have someone in HR handling your staffing hire, you have to make sure they have the time to complete the entire process as well as the rest of their HR duties. This can become a strain on the HR department if you do large hiring sessions, such as manufacturing hires or seasonal hires. Your HR has to not only go through the applications, they also have to complete at least one interview per candidate, narrow them down, hire them, work through the initial hire paperwork, and set them up with a trainer. When you use a Sydney labour hire agency, they can complete the vast majority of these tasks for your HR department and send you a candidate that is ready for paperwork and training.

Qualifying Candidates

One of the key reasons that many companies use labour hire for staffing is due to the step of qualifying candidates. Though your company can likely research someone's background on their resume or criminal records, a staffing agency may have more resources to do this. They handle background checks, resume checks, and work history for multiple companies with multiple requirements. This means their resources to do these tasks are likely vast which can benefit you by qualifying your candidates on multiple levels and ensuring they are truly capable of doing the work you require.

Quicker Response and Staffing

You may be in a situation where your HR department is doing fine time wise and with qualifying candidates, but your real problem is immediate staffing. You may have a large turnover and need quick replacements that are already trained in forklift driving, lorry driving, or other manufacturing trades. If this is the case, labour hire may be your ideal option. Most of the labour hires have a list of professional craft and trades employees who can work on an as needed basis. They only need the minor training specific to your company. They have been qualified, passed certification checks, and are ready to show up within a few hours to help keep your manufacturing going.

These are just a few of the benefits of using Sydney labour hires to help staff your business. For pricing and options, contact your local labour hire representative. For more information, see a website such as http://www.contractlaboursydney.com.au.