Food Waste Disposal Mistakes: 2 Things You Need to Know About the Machine in Your Sink

13 May 2015
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Food waste disposals are marvellous devices if you fancy yourself as a bit of a culinary creator in the kitchen. But, if you don't treat them right, you're going to end up with a smelly, non-working kitchen accessory rather than the efficient food waste disposal unit it is meant to be. Here are two facts you need to know about keeping your sink device running right.

You Can't Dispose Everything

It does not matter how much water you are running while using the waste disposal, there are some food items that are just not meant to enter the device. Examples of hard food scraps that should go in the trash instead include:

  • Banana or potato peels. They are made up of many stringy fibres that can wrap themselves around the disposal blade. Left to build up these will eventually stop the blade from turning.
  • Egg shells. They have a thin membrane that lines the inside of the shell. This membrane will also wrap itself around the disposal blade.
  • Pasta. It will continue to expand as it absorbs water. If you continue to flush your linguine, this could end up as a major block in your plumbing pipes .

If your waste disposal does stop running because it is clogged, or the blades have been damaged by the items you have put into it, then you are going to need to call a plumber to come out and repair it. This is not a device you want to put your inexperienced hands into.

Even if you are using the waste disposal the right way, you could still end up with a strange odour coming from within. So, what do you do when your sink starts to sink?

Smelly Food Waste Disposal

Over time, bacteria will build up within your disposal and plumbing pipes to create a wafting stink that is not going to be pleasant to the nostrils. Placing ice cubes into the disposal and switching it on is one home remedy that is suggested for knocking any food scraps off that are attached to the blades. Another is to fill up the sink with hot water, add some dishwashing liquid, and then pull the plug so that it all flushes all remaining food scraps out of the system at once.

However, if these types of home remedies do nothing to eradicate the smell, then it is likely you have food scraps trapped further down your pipes, and you will need a professional plumber like Trade-Edge to remove these before they become a serious blockage.

Thinking before you drop food scraps into your food waste disposal could save it from damage, blockage and bad odours. When you can't fix the problem, however, call your local plumber and they'll take care of the issue for you so that you can turn your attention back to whipping up your favourite cuisine dishes.