Using Security Shutters to Protect a French or Sliding Door

11 February 2016
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French shutters and sliding doors are a popular feature in Australian homes, allowing natural light to flow into the home and easy access to the outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately they can also create a security hazard, being easier to jam open or break by would-be intruders. Security shutters can be a useful way to increase your household security if you have have external French doors or a sliding door. 

Here are some reasons that security shutters are the best solution for French or sliding doors. 

Customisable size and shape

French doors can come in a range of sizes and shapes, and as a result they often don't fit traditional security door screens and grilles. Security shutters are installed in a custom frame around the door frame, and as such can be made in any size or shape. This makes them perfectly customisable for unique door sizes and shapes, and being retractable means they don't impact on visibility into the house when not in use.  

Securely attached

The perfect fit into the frame make shutters hard to force open, especially compared to floor mounted locks which can often be broken by force applied just above or to the side of the lock. This is useful if the door may be subject to attempts to kick in. This secure fitting of the shutters into the security frame can also be very useful if you live in an area with wild weather, as it can stop unexpected glass breakages and flying objects from entering your home in high winds and hail scenarios. This creates a safe atmosphere inside your home in wild weather. 

Visually blocking

Many would-be thieves turn away from any target that looks extra challenging, preferring to stick to breaking into easier targets. A visually blocking security shutter can often prove just the necessary deterrent to burglars, promising not only a harder effort to break in but also an unknown interior to the house due to the total visual blockage. This visual blockage has a secondary benefit that you can also use it to create a blackout within the house, which some users find helps their sleep. 

If you want to further explore what kind of security shutter solution you could implement on your home, you should contact a security shutter firm to make a home visit. They can review your existing doors and advise on a solution that will keep your home safe and secure while looking great.