Questions to Ask a Professional Excavation Service For Work on Your Property

6 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

It's almost always recommended that you call a professional excavation service for a range of projects, from trenches for irrigation lines to a pit for a new pool or well. Irrigation is often more difficult than you might imagine; walls of a pit can easily collapse, and trenches need to be carefully dug around tree roots, underground pipes, and the like. When you're ready to hire a professional excavation service company, note a few questions you should ask so you know you're getting the right company and know what to expect during the work.

1. Ask if they remove debris

If you've demolished your home or an outbuilding or have had landscaping or a tree pulled up and this debris is still on your property, don't assume that an excavation company can remove it. They may be able to dig up some landscaping that is still planted in the area of the excavation, but this too will vary from company to company. In many cases you will need to have all debris removed from the property before any excavation work can begin, so ask about this if debris is a factor on your lot.

2. Ask if they handle installation of any materials

Some excavation companies will also install a septic tank or irrigation lines, or they may install an underground water tank if you've already purchased it. However, not all excavation companies are alike and some won't handle installation of these items, but are just there to remove the dirt and soil. If you're looking for any type of installation after the excavation, don't assume that an excavation company will do both. Always ask if they provide this service as well.

3. Note any issues with clearance

A small bobcat may be able to work around your detached garage or not be a hazard to overhead power lines, but remember that many excavation companies work with construction crews and on other large projects. They may only have oversized cranes and diggers or trenchers that won't fit on a small residential property. Consider the clearance needed for equipment to reach the area of your excavation and to fit through the space between buildings, around your landscaping features, and the like. Ask the professional excavation service if they have the right sized equipment for your property and if that lack of clearance would be an issue before you schedule them to arrive.