Frosted Window Film Easy Removal Tips

18 April 2016
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Using frost film is a great way of covering windows to allow you privacy and to control the amount of light entering a room.  Another advantage of frost film is that it is only fixed temporarily, allowing you to remove it when you want to change the design, add a tint, or replace very old and cracked film.  Here's how to quickly and easily remove frost film from your windows. 

What you'll need

  • hairdryer
  • wallpaper scraper
  • razor blade
  • rubbing alcohol
  • window cleaning spray
  • clean cloths
  • paper towel

Cling-on film

If you have cling-on window frost film, removing it couldn't be simpler.  There's no messy adhesive to deal with, so all you need to do is to lift one corner of the film with your fingernail, and then just peel the whole thing off in one piece.

Adhesive-backed frost film

  1. Begin by heating one corner of the film using a hairdryer.  
  2. As the adhesive on the glass warms up, you should be able to lift the corner and begin to peel the film away.  As the film comes off, push a wallpaper scraper underneath the loosened surface to gently lift it.  
  3. Continue to heat the film with your hairdryer, whilst gradually peeling the sheet away from the glass with the help of your wallpaper scraper.  
  4. When the whole sheet has come off, you may find that a residue of old adhesive has been left on the glass.  Apply rubbing alcohol to the adhesive with a cloth and allow it to soak in for a few minutes.  
  5. When the adhesive has softened, use a razor blade to scrap off the residue, taking care not to scratch the glass as you do so.  To do this, hold the razor blade at a slight angle to the glass and apply a steady downward pressure on it with your fingers.  If necessary, apply more rubbing alcohol and repeat the process until all the adhesive has gone.  
  6. Finish off the job by spraying the window with a good quality glass cleaner and buffing it to a shine with a clean cloth or a piece of paper towel.

Your window should now be free of adhesive and ready for the new frost film to be applied.

In conclusion

You can quickly and easily remove old or unwanted frosted film by following the above guidelines.  Visit your local supplier or DIY store for more ideas on how frost film could be used aesthetically and practically to enhance your interior décor scheme.