Important Tips to Help You Save Energy When Using Boilers in Your Home

29 August 2016
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Boilers are specially designed water heaters that can go a long way in helping you achieve optimal temperatures in your home. The boilers distribute heat through hot water that transmits the heat to devices such as radiators located in various rooms in the house. Once the heat has been drawn from the hot water, it returns to the boiler where it is heated to start the cycle all over again. Generally, residential boilers rely on fuel, heating oil or natural gas for heating the water circulating in the system. These sources of heat energy can make you incur high costs. Thankfully, here are some important tips that will help you save energy and lower your bill:

Go for Programmable Thermostats

An efficient way of cutting down the amount of energy you use is to turn down the boilers thermostats anytime that you do not need to heat your interior space. Since it is hard for you to keep monitoring the thermostats every hour of the day, you should go for programmable thermostats. They adjust the temperature automatically a certain number of times during the day or night, according to your preferred settings. You can program the thermostats to automatically lower temperatures in the house when you are not indoors, reducing the energy used to heat up the indoor air.

Besides programmable thermostats, make use of your duct dampers (metal flaps that regulate the flow of air in the system's ducts). Shut off dampers allowing airflow into unoccupied rooms to minimise the heating load imposed on your boiler.

Envelope Your House

If you live in a cold climate area, note that the cold climate naturally increases the heating load that your boiler has to deal with. To reduce this load and cut on the amount of energy that the boiler uses, you should insulate and tighten up your house against unwanted heat. Install energy efficient windows and cavity wall insulation using polystyrene beads or wool. In this way, you will minimise heat loss to the outdoor environment while keeping workload for your boiler as low as possible.  

Maintain the Boiler System

Keeping your boiler in good shape together with the accessories that facilitate its heating functions in your home will go a long way in ensuring energy efficiency. Check your air filters and clean them regularly with a soft brush to prevent air circulation problems. Dust usually accumulates in these filters over time, interfering with the flow of air and eventual distribution of heat within your indoor space.

For more tips, contact the company that did your heating system installation.