Tips For Turning The Old Concrete Into A Backyard Bike Path For The Kids

29 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Concrete driveways last for years, but once unmendable large cracks appear, it is time to get your driveway replaced. As someone who is ready to have a new concrete driveway laid, it is time to think about what you are going to do with the concrete from your old one. While you could just let the concrete contractor take it away, there are more environmentally-friendly things you can do with it. A backyard bike path for your kids creates a safe play area for them while keeping the concrete out of the landfill. Here are a couple of points to consider before you start the project.

Save Labour Costs By Breaking The Old Driveway Up Yourself

Breaking up the old concrete and moving it to a holding area on your property until you are ready to lay the bike path is a labour intensive job. Therefore, the more of the task you do yourself, the more money you will save in labour costs. Breaking up the old concrete is not overly difficult when you hire a jackhammer from your local hardware store.

The key to an attractive bike path is not to have all the pieces uniform in size and shape so don't even try to make them look the same. However, try to keep the pieces smaller than 30 cm in size so they are easy to carry from the driveway to the holding area. Encourage your kids to help move the smaller pieces away from the driveway area.

Creating The Bike Path

When you have the old driveway broken up and set to one side, it is time to design the bike path for your kids in the back garden. The first step is to mark out the shape you want using spray paint on the grass.

Next, dig out the grass and the soil contained within the spraypainted form. You need to dig deep enough to allow for the thickness of your concrete pieces plus a base of rough gravel. The gravel will act as drainage so underground water does not build up below the concrete path. When placing the concrete pieces in place to make up the path, don't butt them up against each other. Instead, while your concrete contractor is at the house installing the new driveway, organise for them to put fresh concrete in around the old concrete pieces. Once this is dry, your bike path is ready.

With the help of your concrete contractor, not only will you have a brand new driveway to park your car on, but your kids will have a safe place out the back of the house where they can ride their bikes for hours on end.