Tips for Choosing a Roof for Your Bed and Breakfast

30 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you own a small bed and breakfast and your roof is failing, it may be time to consider a new one. You can stick with the same type of roof you've had for years or make a change. If you're looking for ideas or tips on which price, type, style or other attributes may be best for your B and B, here are some tips and ideas to inspire you:

1. Consider metal.

Metal, because it's long lasting, is a great choice for bed and breakfasts. Although this type of roofing costs more than many other types of roofing, it likely won't need to be replaced in your lifetime. As a result, you can pass the family business onto your kids and not worry about them having to face expensive roof replacement costs for a while.

2. Look into traditional styles and modern modifications.

If you own an old home or even a new home with classic architectural elements, you may want to consider a classic roof. In the 1800s, Australian homes often had roofs that copied the Victorian styles popular in England, and those roofs typically had wood shake shingles. Alternatively, many of the first homes in Australia had thatched roofs or corrugated iron roofs.

You can embrace these old styles, or you can talk with a roofer about modifying them to be more modern. For example, roofers can put in metal roofs with thatching on top of them. That gives you the style of a thatched roof with the benefits of a metal roof.

3. Choose a colour that draws attention.

Bed and breakfasts that rely on foot traffic for much of their business need to stand out so that people see them. Consider getting your roof involved in the action by choosing a vibrant colour or a unique material. For example, Colorbond roofing comes in almost any colour, and if you like, you can even choose a rainbow coloured roof.

4. Reflect your brand.

With a roof, you can focus exclusively on function, you can mirror older looks or you can draw attention, but you can also focus on reflecting your brand. Does your bed and breakfast cater to lovers? Pop a red roof on it. Do you bill your B and B as a gay hotspot? Try a rainbow roof. There's all kinds of colours that can reflect your unique brand image.

To get more roofing ideas for your bed and breakfast, contact a professional roofer.