When Your Business Needs an Electrical Contractor

2 September 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

You don't need to have the power go out in your business to need an electrical contractor, and you don't need their services just when you're adding on to your building. There are many times when it's good to call such a contractor to your facility for repair or maintenance work or to upgrade your electrical systems; note a few such times so you know when to have such a professional come to your location

When machinery is running too slow

When your production machinery, rapid roll doors or air conditioner seem to run too slow, it may not be that these pieces themselves need repair. It may be that they're not getting enough electricity to operate as they should. This often happens when you install new equipment without upgrading the wiring or circuitry at the same time; that new rapid roll door in your facility may be drawing more power than the old wiring can supply, so it slows down, especially when other equipment on the same circuit is running at the same time.

The same can happen with a new air conditioning system or other equipment, even though it may be advertised as "energy efficient." These things will still need a certain amount of power to run, and if your old wiring cannot provide it, things will slow down. A commercial electrician can note the volts and amps being provided and install new wiring as necessary.

When renovating or remodelling

Renovating your facility, even an office, should involve commercial electrical contractors from a business like Aardvark Electrics from the beginning. Tearing down walls can mean finding wiring behind it, and this wiring needs to be rerouted. This can also be a good time to upgrade wiring and replace it with something that will better support your demands for electricity and which will reduce the risk of wires becoming frayed due to age or overuse.

When upgrading computer systems

It's easy to think that upgrading your IT department simply means bringing in new computers and other hardware, but as with air conditioners and such equipment, these items may seem to use less energy when in truth, they need more power to operate overall. A commercial electrician can ensure your facility has the electricity and wiring needed for new computers, servers, Wi-Fi setup, and items like projector and big-screen televisions. This will ensure those items don't get damaged from trying to run on insufficient power and your facility doesn't suffer brownouts or blown circuits.