Designs You Could Consider When Building a Deck

6 September 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are seeking a way to enjoy the outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of indoor living, then you should contemplate erecting a deck on your property. Typically, decks will be an open extension of the home. However, this does not mean you have to stick to a conventional deck. Instead, you can consult with your home builders on how best to marry functionality and form to create a unique exterior living space for your property. By making the most of both landscaping as well as architecture, you will have an attractive space that you could either entertain in or simply use for relaxation. Here are some of the designs that you could consider when building a deck.

Opt for a detached deck

As the name suggests, this type of deck is not connected to the main house as with traditional designs. Instead, the home builders will establish the most appropriate location on your yard and construct a freestanding deck. This type of deck could be nestled at one corner of your yard or be built beneath the shade of a large tree—the choice would ultimately be yours. Once the deck is erected, you then have other design options that you could incorporate. A popular option is building a gazebo on top of the deck to make it more functional when it comes to entertaining guests.

Opt for a terraced deck

If you would prefer a design option that would enable you to incorporate different levels to your deck, you should consider erecting a terraced deck. This type of deck design is best suited for homeowners who have a considerable amount of flat land. The home builders will start off by constructing a flat surface as the main deck. They will then create a smaller level atop of it to create additional space that can be separated from the main deck. If your property is constructed on a slope, you also can opt for this type of deck design. Instead of the home builders building the deck levels on top of each other, they will construct different interconnected decks in accordance to the overall slope of the land. It should be noted though that terraced deck designs are best suited for homeowners that have extensive land and are not working with a small tract.

Opt for a garden deck

This is another type of detached deck, with the difference being it is specifically constructed within a garden. You could construct it either on a preexisting garden or plant one around it once the deck is in place. This design functions to make the deck seem like an oasis in the midst of plants, therefore it would look better with large plants growing around its perimeter.