Five Things You Need to Demolish a Shed

13 September 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have a shed in your garden that you no longer use, you may be wondering how to demolish it. Taking it down by yourself can be quite a process, but surprisingly, you can complete it with just a few supplies. Here's what you need:

1. Lamp

If your shed has electrics and you are not sure how to turn them off, you need a lamp. Plug the lamp into one of the outlets in your shed, and turn it on. Then, go to the main breaker box in your home. Turn off each breaker one by one. When your lamp finally turns off, you have found your circuit. Keep it off so that you don't have electricity running to your shed during the demolition process.

2. Pry bar

A pry bar is essential if you are trying to dismantle a shed. The bar can help you to pull out roofing nails so that you can remove the roof decking. Then, you can use the pry bar to remove nails so that you can pull of the trim and siding.

3. Reciprocating Saw

Once you have removed most of the roofing, trim and siding, you will be left with the timber frame of the shed. If you can remove the timber by using a pry bar to remove the nails and simply pulling the timber loose, that is great, as it allows you to save the timber and re-use it. However, in most cases, that won't be possible.

Instead, you can use a reciprocating saw to remove the studs. This type of saw allows you to cut the wood faster and more efficiently than if you were using a hand saw. If you don't have a reciprocating saw and you are experienced with a chainsaw, that can work as well.

4. Sledge Hammer

Once you have most of the shed removed, you need to work on your floor. You can demolish a wood floor with a pry bar and a reciprocating saw, but if your floor is concrete, you will need to break it up with a sledge hammer. Make sure that you have the correct safety gear like glasses to protect your eyes from flying pieces of concrete. If you have a large, deep concrete pad, you may need to hire a jack hammer for demolition.

5. Skip

With all the debris generated from demolishing your shed, you need a skip. You can hire skips from a range of companies, which deliver them and then pick them up when you are done. To reduce the amount of waste you produce, consider recycling your concrete and reusing as much of the timber as possible.

For more tips or for help removing your shed, contact a demolition company.