Why Biometric Locks Would Be an Ideal Addition to Your Home

14 September 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Installing new locks is something you may have to consider, whether moving into a newly constructed home or renting out a property. However, some homeowners make the mistake of simply opting for economical locking options in an attempt to cut on costs. The truth is there should not be a price for the security of your home. Instead, you should ensure you are making the best option that you can for the major entryways that would be at risk of being breeched by intruders. One of the more modern options you could consider are biometric locks. These locks will typically make use of fingerprint identification to grant access, but can also use other forms of biometric data such as your eyes. So why are biometric locks an ideal addition to your home?

Biometric locks eliminate the necessity of keys

The first benefit you will enjoy by installing biometric locks is not depending on keys anymore. Keys can be quite cumbersome. If you forget them somewhere, it means having to wait for locksmith services to gain entry into your home. On the other hand, if a previous tenant that was unscrupulous has copies of your set of keys, your house is at risk of a home invasion. By opting for a biometric locking system, you no longer have to depend on your set of keys to enter your home.

Biometric locks secure the door automatically

When you install biometric locks in your entryways, you ensure that your doors will now be locking automatically. Gone are the days of worrying about whether you forgot the front door open leaving you susceptible to opportunistic invasions from burglars or vandals. An automatically locking door is also quite beneficial for homeowners with children or pets. In the event that you forgot to shut the door, you do not have to worry that your id or pet got a chance to leave the house without your knowledge. Overall, the automatically locking doors will enhance your sense of safety as well as security.

Biometric locks come with backup battery power

A concern some homeowners may have is that once the power goes out, they will be locked either in or out of their homes if they are using biometric locking systems. Granted, the biometric locks will make use of electricity to stay up and running. Nevertheless, they do come with additional backup batteries that will ensure a consistent supply power even when the mains have been turned off. This also ensures your home stays secure in the event burglars try to access the locks by cutting off power to your home.

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