6 Signs Your Asphalt Parking Lot Needs an Inspection

16 September 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Some property owners spend too much time looking at their buildings and not enough time looking at the asphalt parking lots that serve them. This is unfortunate since costly problems can still occur with this part of the property, and it's best to catch them early before they can develop further.

Here are six signs that you need to have your asphalt looked at by a professional.

1. It Has Been A Few Years

Even if your car park looks perfectly fine, you should still have it looked at if it has been a few years since it was first laid down. You might not be able to spot any signs of damage, but nothing lasts forever. The foundation will suffer deterioration over time, and the asphalt will become more brittle after being exposed to the elements for so long.

2. Cracking and Holes

Cracks and holes represent the most obvious signs that something is wrong, and they should never be ignored. Remember, holes can lead to personal injuries. Cracks can be slightly easier to ignore since they may be reasonably minor, but, like holes, they still impact structural integrity and can let water seep into the foundations.

3. Your Area Tends to Experience Freezing During Each Winter

Cold snaps are particularly harmful to asphalt parking lots. If any water is allowed to seep through, it will expand upon freezing, placing unnecessary stress on the underlying foundation. Additionally, materials will contract under extreme cold, making it more likely for cracks and holes to develop.

4. Your Lot Experiences Heavy or Frequent Traffic

If your parking lot only caters to a small apartment building, most people will only come a few times each day in relatively small vehicles. If you own a commercial property that tends to attract larger vehicles, such as lorries, or more frequent traffic, which you might find if you own a restaurant or shop, the parking area will take more of a beating and needs more regular inspections.

5. You Notice Frequent Oil Spots

Oil spots are obviously unsightly, but they can also damage the road that they lie on. When engine oil is absorbing into asphalt, it blends with the binding elements and causes them to lose some of their adhesive properties.

6. Grass is Poking Through

If grass is showing through any part of your asphalt, it's time to start taking the issue seriously. Such growth indicates that the asphalt has a weak foundation and lacks a proper drainage system. The presence of grass poking through the parking area's asphalt also serves to make a property look less well-managed.

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