Making a Selection of Hot Water Systems

21 September 2016
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One aspect of hot water systems that homeowners tend to overlook is that they account for a significant amount of your home's energy usage. As such, making the right choice of hot water system would be prudent to ensure that you will not be hemorrhaging money in energy-related utility bills. If your hot water system is on the fritz and you need a new one, or if you are constructing a new home, it would be prudent to consider the various types of hot water systems that are available to you. This will enable you to make an informed decision on what would be best for both your needs as well as your budget. The following are some of the options you could consider when making a selection of hot water systems.

Electric hot water systems

These are the most popular water heating solutions in most homes. As such, you will find they are the easiest systems to locate in the market. Electric hot water systems are popular due to their convenience. The installation process is quite simple since your home will most probably already have electricity running through it. However, homeowners tend to forget to factor in the long-term costs of having an electric heater. These heaters will consume large amounts of electricity to ensure your household has constant hot water. This can lead to a sharp increase in your household utility bills. As such, it would be prudent to search for electric water heaters that are energy efficient. These will typically have an energy star rating to assure you that they will conserve energy. Secondly, consider investing in a heat pump rather than an actual storage heater. This is because heat pumps will heat your water, as needed, which could mean considerable energy savings in the long run.

Gas hot water systems

A less popular, but still viable, option to consider when contemplating hot water systems would be gas-powered heaters. As the name suggests, these water heaters will make use of natural gas to heat the water in your home. Nevertheless, natural gas is not being effectively piped throughout the whole of Australia. Instead, it is available in a few areas including Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and Victoria. If you do not have piped natural gas available, you could opt for LPG to heat your hot water. This is an eco-friendly option but it should be noted that it is much more costly than electricity.

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