Helpful Tips and Ideas Choosing and Using a Skip

27 September 2016
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If you are hiring a rubbish bin for a big project and you are in a wheelchair, you may want to consider a few things before hiring the bin. Ultimately, the best skip for you depends on your needs. However, these tips can help you decide on a bin and make using it easier.

1. Hire a small bin with short sides.

When you are in a wheelchair, it can be hard to hoist bags of rubbish over the side of a large bin. So that you don't have to do that, opt to hire a small bin with short sides. Many bin hire companies offer small canvas bins that can work for this purpose.

2. Ask about extra tools like a wheelie bin lifts or tippers.

If you decide that you are going to have too much rubbish to fit into a small bin, talk with the hire company about tools that can make using a large skip easier for you. In particular, there are bin lifts or tippers -- these attach to the side of the skip, and they lift up a wheelie bin and dump the rubbish in the skip. If you can hire one of these, you can simply fill your wheelie bin, push it over and lock it into the lift.

3. Consider other modifications to get rubbish into the skip.

If the hire company doesn't have a lift or if you don't want the extra expense, there are other ways to hoist rubbish into a lift. Depending on the type of rubbish, you are tossing out, you may be able to toss small bundles into the skip from your chair. Alternatively, you can make a makeshift lift out of an old cardboard box. Place the box under the bag of rubbish, lift it so that it is against the edge of the skip and resting it on your hands, and then, push the rubbish into the bin.

4. Utilise a curb ramp if needed.

In some cases, a skip may be too large to fit in your driveway, and you may need to place it on the street. So that you can easily get to the skip, consider investing in a small kerb ramp. Even if you have a driveway that gently slopes to the street, the ramp can help. In particular, if your driveway is not close to the skip, a ramp helps to save time by giving you a direct route.

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