Four Signs You Should Hire a Skip With a Lid

30 September 2016
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If you are looking into skip bin hire for a special project, you will likely see skips with lids and without lids. In most cases, extra large skips that are integrated with trailers do not have lids, while standard skips do have lids, but there are exceptions. Wondering if your skip needs a lid or if you are fine without one? Here are some signs you need a lid:

1. You want to avoid rubbish theft

If you are worried about people stealing your rubbish, you need a skip with a lid as well as a lock. Your concerns may be related to a number of issues. For example, you may not want people to get in the skip and get hurt, and because of that, you want to take measures to thwart theft. In other cases, you may simply just not want anyone to take the stuff you are throwing away for personal reasons.

2. You are worried about blowing debris

Concerns about the wind can also indicate that you should choose a skip with a lid. If you are removing lots of old leaves, grass clippings or other lightweight landscaping waste, you may want to ensure that the lid stops the wind from blowing all that stuff back into your yard. Similarly, if you are throwing out lots of paper, sawdust or other lightweight items, you may want the lid to prevent the rubbish from blowing around the neighbourhood.

3. There are wild animals in your area

If you are throwing out any foodstuffs and you are worried about wild animals getting into the skip, a lid can also help to deter them. However, if you are simply throwing away old furniture, tree limbs or other waste that isn't likely to attract wild critters, you may be just fine using a skip that is open. If you are worried about wild animals at all, you may want to take extra precautions and lock the skip as well.

4. The work site has a lot of fire hazards

If you are hiring a skip in an area that is prone to wildfires, a lid may be necessary to prevent any accidental fires from spreading. Ideally, no one ever wants a fire to start in their hired skip or anywhere else, but unfortunately, if you are throwing away sawdust, certain landscaping materials or other items, they can act as kindling if a spark accidentally gets in your skip. If a fire starts in an open skip, it's more likely to spread to the surrounding area before you can contain it than if it starts in a skip with a lid.