Ways To Deal With Building Contractors On Remodelling Projects

24 February 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Experienced consumers can attest that if you want your home renovation project to go through seamlessly, you will need to manage the building contractor(s) you hire actively. Sometimes you may opt to hire a supervisor; however, as the saying goes, "If you want something done right, you do it yourself."

Hence, to avoid encountering various problems with a building contractor during or after the home renovations, here are essential tips you should follow to ensure you get quality results.

Make an effort to communicate consistently

During home renovations, most homeowners make the mistake of thinking that just because they have delegated what they require done, it marks the end of the conversation with the building contractor. Even if you regularly inquire about how the renovations are going, it is still not enough communication on your part to guarantee that everything will get done as per your expectations. Remember every relationship even with your worker requires constant communication.

Hence, make a point of talking to the building contractors every morning before work commences as well as making your inquiries in person as opposed to over the phone. In person inquiries enable you to see the progress for yourself as well as make corrections where necessary.

Keep track of everything to avoid being overcharged

During a home renovation, there are numerous changes made. The changes could be addition or omission of structure and fixtures, changes in deliveries as well as altered work hours due to different reasons such as delayed delivery of materials.

All these changes can be difficult to keep in mind, and furthermore, it is ill-advised to trust that the foreman and the building contractor will be honest, especially if you have no personal relationship with them.

Hence, to avoid being overcharged or even having disputes that delay the job, it is best to keep a personal journal of everything. The journal should also include the number of hours worked including overtime as well as any changes to the remodeling contract.

Be humane with the building contractor

Just because someone is under your payroll, doesn't mean they are not human beings, so they should not get treated like mules. Sometimes, the job schedule for the day is quite tiring, so you may find the building contractor taking a brief yet essential break to gather their faculties. In such a case avoid giving the 'I'm not paying for the hours you're on break' speech.

Additionally, as the renovations keep going, surprise the building contractor and the workers with a cold drinks and pizza break to let them know you appreciate their efforts. Remember, building a friendly relationship with the construction contractor will motivate them to perform even better on the renovations.

Only pay for quality work

If the home repairs get completed, but there is something you do not approve off, make sure it gets redone before finalizing the payments. Sometimes homeowners make the mistake of paying contractors before they have completed the job as per expectations. If the building contractor lacks integrity, they will not make the changes after they get paid.

Besides, finalizing the payment marks the end of the job, so they are not obligated to perform any additional work even if it involves correcting a mistake on their part.