What Do Mining Engineers Do?

13 April 2021
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Mining is a high-stakes business that requires a unique set of skills. Mining engineers are responsible for the extraction and processing of the earth's minerals. It can be a difficult and dangerous job, but that just makes it all the more interesting to learn about what mining engineers do all day. Here is some interesting info about mining engineers that will give you insight into this exciting field. 

Identifying materials

Mining engineers are responsible for identifying the right materials. They have to make sure that they are correctly assessing all of the potential minerals in a given area. If it turns out that they can't find enough of a certain mineral, then they will have to relocate and try again. 

Exploring new areas

When they want to find a new mine, mining engineers will be responsible for exploring the area to see if there is anything worthwhile. They can look for obvious signs like large deposits or they can look for anomalies on the ground that indicate that there may be something hidden below. Their work does not stop once they have found a mine — they are still responsible for making sure that it is properly developed as well.

Planning new excavations

Mining engineers have to figure out what type of mining equipment to use and how much of an area will need to be excavated before they can start the actual excavation. They do not want to dig too deep or too shallow. They have to know how much effort and money they will need in order to plan out the new pit.

Managing the progress of the dig

Once the actual excavation has started, mining engineers are responsible for making sure that everything goes smoothly. They will have to manage everything from the employees' deployment to making sure that the equipment is properly positioned before use.

Assessing tunnels

Mining engineers review the viability of a mine by assessing the tunnels that already exist under it. They check to see if any of the tunnels are damaged or unsafe in order to determine if it would be better to abandon a tunnel and start over or mine over it in hopes that it will yield better results.

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