4 Questions To Ask Your Building Consultant

11 August 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you wish to build a home from the ground up, the services of a building consultant will come in handy. The professional will inform you about the construction process to ensure you know what to expect once you commence the project. Below is an extract with some questions that you should ask your building consultant. 

What Designs Are In Demand Today? 

Since your home is an investment, it should incorporate modern designs to ensure the property accrues the highest possible value. Modern home designs comprise flat roofs, open living, connected outdoor spaces, integration of technology and the use of glass, concrete and steel. 

What Features Should On incorporate On The Property? 

Energy efficiency is a critical feature in any home today. Other than being environmentally friendly, energy-efficient homes are easy to manage since you do not have to pay high energy bills. Insulation is an effective way to maintain the internal temperatures of your home. Other than traditional insulation, consider modern insulating ideas such as the use of insulating concrete formwork. Besides, you could install glazing and skylights. 

You should also consider features that increase the functionality of your home. For instance, an indoor playing area would be ideal if you have young kids. If you are an elderly citizen or a person with a disability, consider installing low shelves, ramps and elevators. Remember to include recreational spaces such as decks, balconies and patios. They are the perfect place to spend family time. 

What Should One Look For In A Contractor?

Most buyers are often overwhelmed when hiring a contractor. Your building consultant will help you devise suitable eligibility criteria to ensure you hire a qualified contractor. Ideally, you should ask a few reputable and experienced contractors to bid for the project. Then, take the contractor's bids to a quantity surveyor to establish which party offers the highest quality works. Other qualities to look for in a contractor include their availability, resources and communication skills.

How Can You Ensure The Contractor Builds A Safe Structure? 

Without any building experience, it could be difficult for you to assess the contractor's work. However, it is only human for you to seek a second opinion. Building surveyors are an instant solution. These are construction quality control professionals contracted by the local council to issue construction permits and supervise building works. Once you hire the surveyor, they will approve the blueprints and conduct site visits to ensure that your contractor follows the local building code. Besides, they will issue an occupation permit to prove the works meet the required standards.