Why Do You Need a Land Survey to Subdivide Land?

28 February 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When you want to subdivide land for sale, you need to have land surveys done that serve a number of purposes. One of these is to determine the exact boundaries of the subdivisions and what features may lie along those proposed lines. Land surveys are essential not only because the law requires them, but because they offer a number of benefits that help buyers keep the peace.

Records Prevent Future Conflict

Neighbor conflicts over boundaries when one neighbor wants to build a fence, take down a tree, and so on, can be minor or reach unbelievable heights of animosity. A land survey that shows clearly marked boundaries goes a very long way toward resolving conflicts and preventing more from starting. Once you know exactly where your land ends and the neighbor's land begins, it's much easier to plan properly.

People Know What They're Getting

Anyone buying land wants to know what they're getting — and how much they're getting. Telling someone that the boundary of their parcel of land runs "to that tree there and then over to that hill" just isn't enough. Buyers need to know the exact land area, and if there are features such as streams, ponds or unstable soil on the property, that's going to affect both price and the attention needed to take care of the land. A survey that produces exact boundaries and records of landforms and other features is necessary.

You Know What Features Are on Which Parcel

Just as you want buyers of the subdivided land to know exactly what they're getting when they hand over their money, so, too, do you want to know which features of the land are on which parcel. A boundary line you'd hoped to draw might run right through a pond, for example, which would mean two different buyers would have to take care of different sides of the pond — and that there could be potential conflict over who can be in which part of the pond, such as when kids are swimming. If you've got a very large piece of land, you might not really know what it contains, and a survey taken before subdivision is essential.

The whole process of subdividing and selling land may require more than one survey and many, many permits. A land surveying company that offers comprehensive services should be able to help you navigate the maze of legal requirements.

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